Monday, November 13, 2006

BC Reunion Weekend

This weekend, I made my triumphant return to Boston to see the crew, the campus, and the football team. It had the potential to be a disaster from the start. Why? Three words: Fung Wah bus. To save money, Liz and I took the "Chinatown express" on Thursday. Some of you may be able to recall me saying things such as "I will never take the Fung Wah," in the past. But in the past, I didn't equate $25 (the amount I saved by traveling Fung Wah over Greyhound this weekend) to four meals . But I had reason to be skeptical of taking the FungWah, like the multiple articles I read during my four years at BC in the Herald or the Globe about buses breaking down, getting in accidents, or even catching fire. Or, sophomore year when Joe, Rob, Amish, Chris, and I drove to Jersey for the BC/Rutgers football game, and while traveling around 80mph, had a Fung Wah scream by us on the right. This particular instance, coupled with the popular Boston Chinese take-out restaurant Lucky Wah, has led me to the conclusion that "Wah" directly translates to "fast" or "express." What else would a bus service and a take-out place have in common other than speed? "It could mean 'unsafe' or 'harmful,'" Fell noted, on our return trip to New York on Sunday.

Arriving in Boston in the afternoon, I headed into campus to see some of the fellas and lose a couple games of NHL Hitz (a great throwback memory to the days of Joey, T-Bone, Robbie, and Mac). After a few hours at Roggies (an essential stop) and some sushi from Sapporo, I hopped on the T and went out to Somerville for a night of "drinkin' beehs with the smaht kids at some Hahvahd bahs" with Ethan. After a few ogre-sized Hoegaarden beers and a few other imports, Ethan and I headed back to his mansion for some drunken foosball. I would like to note that I don't remember how many games Ethan and I played, but I did win one game.

On Friday, after watching Good Will Hunting and a movie I probably shouldn't disclose with Ethan, I went to another mansion, this time the one that is home to Reed, Finch, Galligan, and his boy from home, Jeff. Friday night quickly turned into a shitshow, as noted in the 20th edition of Monday Mornings With Levy. Beirut, an 80's power hour, a few scattered half-pints of whiskey, and a solid group of friends eventually made it downtown to Faneuil Hall and our favorite dive joint, Dockside. Having most the crew back together was great, and it was a wonderful night.

Saturday, after taking a field trip to my storage unit to pick up some winter clothes to bring back to New York, it was time to tailgate the much anticipated match up between Duke and Boston College. Starting off in Ignacio was a good throwback to last year. Robbie and I then moved down to the Mod Lot for the Meehan tailgate, which included delicious seafood dip and a Conorburger. After a reunion with Frank Albano and a few of the mushes, I decided it was time to go to the infamous Galligan tailgate, and cut through the Mods. Little did I know, it would take me nearly an hour to make it through the Mods, as I ran into a ton of people I hadn't seen in months. The Galligan tailgate was as great as always, with Marty tossing me a keg as soon as I got there.

The game itself was pretty boring. I harassed the band to "play song 16" throughout the game. About half the times I asked, one of the band members would say "do you even know what song 16 is?" Of course I know what song 16 is. And I have no problem with requesting a marching band to play Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone." They good thing was, they actually played it for me in the 4th quarter after I had spent the entire game yelling at them to do it. Unfortunately, I was otherwise occupied at the time. At least I was there when they played song 14.

After the game, it was back to Galligan's mansion for a night of flip-cup, beirut, and other various drinking games. But one of the best parts of a reunion weekend is the reminiscing of the great memories. We remembered Gootz pouring ice on Galligan per request of the mayor of Mazatlan, the effects of 100 Beer Weekend (including the development of alter egos named Scott), and of course, Senior Week. After perching in a makeshift throne for nearly two hours, Ethan and I formed an OT (Ogre Team) to take on Shane & Co., who talked a lot of trash. But as soon as Ethan left me with one cup to hit, I knew it was Game Over. By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted from such a long weekend.

The trip to Boston was a fun and much needed one. It was great to see the majority of the crew, tailgate, see a game, and spend some time in Chestnut Hill. But by Sunday night, I was glad to be back in the city so nice, they named it twice. Thank God I got back alive.

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